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Welded wire mesh fence is a steel fence consisting of wires electrically welded together to form a high strength mesh. The fencing is available in two formats: Rolled mesh and rigid mesh.

The system has proven popular, and is now featured as a first choice on a wide number of projects from construction, civil, utilities works and in temporary works capacity with the likes of Heras Ready Fence and FenceSafe.

Welded wire mesh fences are used predominantly as high security barriers where visibility through the fence is necessary or desirable.

Welded wire mesh can be hot dip galvanized or powder coated.


Welded Wire mesh is available as galvanized wire as per BS 443 & ASTM A 641 or powder coated to ASTM F 1043. Wire specification are as high tensile strength as per BS 4482 & ASTM A82.

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