BRC Industrial Limited


BRC takes great pride in having supplied our services to every single major project in KSA. This is only possible through professional, transparent leadership and strong, active shareholders who together drive the company forward.
We are committed to delivering on all strategic, financial and operational targets and thus to maximize shareholder value.
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BRC Industrial Limited

Corporate Governance

BRC is a Joint Stock Company incorporated in the MOSI in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our Board of Directors comprises a total of 5 members, of which 2 are Independent Directors. To ensure proper checks and balances are in place, a lead independent director sets the agenda for Board meetings with the Chairman and leads the independent directors in executive sessions. It is governed by a Board of Directors in accordance with the requirements set out in the company’s Articles of Association. The board of directors sets the company’s strategy and the implementation of this strategy is delegated to a group of executive Officers, headed by the CEO of the company.

Good corporate governance goes beyond the regulatory requirements and extends to the commitment of individual employees to be good corporate citizens in Saudi Arabia. Integrity and reputation are key assets that must be preserved at all times within BRC.

BRC is committed to applying the best-practice standards in corporate governance, in its dealings with shareholders and with respect to transparency and quality of disclosure and reporting. Shareholder rights and investor dialogue are key pillars of our corporate governance framework. In addition, we aim to take the interests of all our stakeholders into account through a corporate responsibility framework and by engaging with all stakeholders on a regular basis and periodically. We continually monitor legal requirements and best practices in Saudi Arabia as in the GCC countries where we operate, to make improvements to our corporate governance standards and procedures when necessary.

BRC is independently audited by the Big 4 Audit firms and Annual Financial reports are available to the relevant stakeholders.

BRC aims to maintain a reputation for honesty, transparency, and integrity in its management practices and business transactions. Our Code of Business Conduct applies to all directors, officers and employees of BRC and its subsidiaries.

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