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BRC is a great place to make an impact and grow your career in the GCC region. At BRC, we recognize that the talent and diversity of our people is the foundation of our success, so we are committed to helping you develop your personal and professional skills in order to bring out your strengths.

In BRC, we are a family of resulted oriented set of dedicated professionals. We believe that fast and effective implementation is the key to success, and we search for people with the tenacity, ambition and dedication to make results happen even if the current status quo is not conducive. One of the most fundamental building blocks to achieve the main objectives and goals of Vision 2030 starts with engaged and result-oriented professionals who challenge past inefficient processes and raise the bar not only for themselves but also for their fellow team members.

With the help of your manager and working peers, we will help you to identify potential opportunities and the capabilities you will need to be effective in your role. As part of the BRC performance review process, we will work together to set clear career development goals and provide feedback and support to assist you in achieving them. At the same time, you will be encouraged to take responsibility for driving your own personal development. You will be able to access a comprehensive set of tools and learning materials based on your specific role and business area, as well to help you develop communication, leadership and presentation skills to meet BRC stakeholders demanding challenges.

To follow the National Transformation Program Vision 2030 effectively means constantly investing in our people to enhance their skills, both Saudi Nationals and other individuals who share our dear values : integrity, commitment and dedication.

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