BRC Industrial Limited

Sustainability & Citizenship

Sustainability is one of the key elements of Vision 2030. Through the process of diversification, modernization and the creation of stronger and more efficient local capabilities, all stakeholders must share the responsibilities of the target of sustainable growth. This must also be recognized as a key element of corporate citizenship.

The population of Saudi Arabia is expected to reach almost 40 million by 2030, and the GCC is expected to reach almost 65 million people. Sustainable growth is only possible through the sustainability of the environment in which this growth occurs. BRC is acutely aware of this fact and strives to integrate these values into all its core business processes, starting with the path of acquiring ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems certifications for multiple plants since 2016, with the key objective of having all plants certified in the coming years.

Naturally, business process certification does not end a company’s responsibility to the environment and to sustainability in general. In BRC we aim to take all environmental aspects into consideration in all stages of our decision making cycle, whether it is on Board level for investments or plant level for improving / expanding the existing value chain.

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