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Anti-ram fencing safeguards high-risk facilities that require complete.

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Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence is made from Hot Dip Galvanized or PVC coated low carbon steel wire. It comes in a wide range of qualitie.

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Highway Fence

Highway Fence is made from High Tension wire and square hollow or round tubes posts: They are divided into three

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Fencing Accessoriese

To assure quality, time & service, BRC manufacture its own chainlink fencing & highway fencing accessories such as single & double extension arm.

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Razor Wire Barriers (Concertina)

Razor wire Barriers are used as a psychological and physical Barrier against trespassing and is ideal for preventing or delaying an intruder from gaining access .

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Barbed Wire

Hot Dip Galvanized Barbed wire is IOWA type 2.5mm (2 ply) with 2mm 4 pointed Barbed at 75mm, 100mm and 125mm centers.

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PVC Wires

Our modern wire plant, built in accordance with the most recent technology, assure the highest level of quality product .

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Powder Coating/PVC

Using state of the art equipments in Powder Coating BRC today has established for itself a full line of chain link fencing .

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BRC offer a variety of Gate style in Chain Link infill as well as hollow section infill, it is able to manufacture Bolted or Welded .

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Galvanized Wires

Our modern wire plant, built in accordance with the most recent technology..

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Weldmesh Gabions

BRC Weldmesh Gabions is a unique structure of electrically welded steel wire at every intersection, with varying

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For the most critical applications, Weldfence High Security fencing from BRC is established as

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Pedestrian Guardrails

Has been designed for strength and long life. During all phases of manufactory strict .

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BRC Products comes with a guarantee of quality . BRC are approved suppliers to ARAMCO (Vendor Code 10006142) M.O.D.A., and National Guard, who may be used as a refernce for the quality of our products. We are also approved suppliers to the Royal Commission for Yanbu (file No. 0175) and the Royal comission for Jubail (file No. 1957).


BRC Engineers, can provide all required specification and shop drawings on request , the opportunity is always available to the customer to choose the right specification which suits the job site requirements . Not only this but BRC Engineers also have the capability to advise and supervise the erection work of BRC fencing materials to make sure that the job is done according to the specifications and requirements.


We listen understand carefully to our customers to upgrade our services to keep our reputation highlighted in the world market.


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